Universal Sword Shift Knob Samurai Automatic Gear Shifter Katana Metal Red Black

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Product Description


- Fit for most of the manual transmission and automatic transmission

- The new shift shifter knob makes your car more personality and cool. Perfect for the touch, Easier to control.

- Come with 3 plastic hoses

- Directly exchange your original shift knob head, no modification required. So easy to install by hand, perfect fix for the cars.


- Remove the original Gear Shift Knob, measure the diameter of the screw rod.

- Choose one piece appropriate Rubber adapter from 3 pieces

(Note: If the three rubber adapters are not the same size as the car screw rod, please choose the closest size of the rubber adapters ,fasten it with adhesive tape, then tighten the shift knob stick.)

- Put the rubber adapter into the gear lever.

- Put the new shift knob head directly into the gear rod.

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