Smart Fitness Hula-Hoop ,Exercise Detachable Portable And Size Adjustable

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Product Description

- Intelligent Hula Hoop - Unlike the traditional hoop, this new design hoop rotates freely without falling. 
360 ° rotation, even stress on waist muscles, burning your belly fat and slimming waist.
- Digital Counter- The hula hoop is equipped with a counter, keep track of your workout.
-  DETACHABLE & ADJUSTABLE- The waist belt consists of sections, which can be split and reorganized to adjust the size to fit your waist.
-  Portable - The new hula hoop with a light weight and easy to carry, does not occupy a place, and is easy to play.
-  Multi-purpose – This Hoop is not only for slimming, but also for massaging waist and abdomen while spinning, it helps cleansing the intestines and digestion.

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