Silver Car Oil Filter Relocation ale Sandwich Fitting Adapter Kit Universal

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Product Description

Specifics and Benefits:

- Simple bolt on replaces side cover on oil pump base

- Advantage is it doesnt make the oil filter sit even lower

- Allows fitment of an oil cooler without the use of a sandwich plate adaptor

- For many Cars. Fits M20 threaded Oil Filter. (many Ford Probe , Mitsubishi , Subaru , Honda have these threads)

- It Mounts between the Block and oil Filter, provides in and out ports, with connectors that fit AN10 fitting.

- Center Adapter: M20 x 1.5 & 3/4 x 16 UNF Thread; Supports Oil Filters That Has M20 Thread & M20 Block Fitting


Package Includes:

1 Set( as shown in the picture)

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