Pure Silica Gel Roof Wind Noise Reduction Quiet Seal Kit For Tesla Model 3

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Product Description


- Guaranteed to fit any size gap no matter how small.  We noticed certain Tesla Model 3's sunroof glass gap was smaller than others causing difficulties in installation of the seal, so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a new material that will stretch and fit into any size gap.  


- If you notice, there is a gap between where the sunroof / moon roof and the front windshield meets on the Tesla Model 3.  Tesla decided to use an under seal when they installed their window glass leaving a gap all around the top sunroof / moon-roof area, causing wind to be able to get in between the trench / gap and causing wind to enter your vehicle at higher speeds or places with higher wind velocity.  

- We can confidently and proudly say that our seals exceed all standards and will last the life time of your vehicle.  Every one of our seals are made to reduce and minimize wind noise from coming into the cabin of the car, making the Tesla Model 3 an even more quite and enjoyable luxurious vehicle.  The seal is made to withstand weather conditions from the blazing sun to the freezing winters.     

- Installation is no more than 5 minutes and anyone can install this.  No cutting, gluing, taping, sealing, or tools required at all!


Key Highlights:

Drastically reduce wind noise from entering the cabin along with other outside noises

Keeps your cabin quiet and even more luxurious

Keeps debris such as leaves / flower petals / even dust from getting stuck in the window seal gap

Strong / Durable / Lasts for years

Super Easy Install

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