Car Webcam Cover Camera Security For Tesla Model 3 Privacy Protection Tool

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Product Description

This small, but very essential easy-open and easy-close webcam cover gives you the privacy protection you want and need inside your car. It is non-invasive size and aesthetically-blending color is a perfect Tesla accessory addition.
-Easy to use,simply clean the surface of your device, let it dry and then tear off the back protection film;
-Can be removed without sticky residue behind. Will not damage your devices!
-Prevent unwanted video access and potential web camera hacks and make sure your private moments remain private!
-It is perfect to provide privacy security and peace of mind to individuals, groups, companies, organizations, and governments.
Color: Black
Durable ABS material
1. Make sure area is clean of dirt, dust, or debris
2. Test the placement of the camera cover to make sure it covers the camera lense
3. Once you are satisfied with the placement, simply peel off the 3M tape backing, place open portion of the cover over the camera lense, and press and hold for a few seconds to secure.
Package Included:
1 x Webcam Cover

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