Car Snow Foam Lance Cannon Soap Bottle Sprayer For Pressure Washer Gun Jet Wash

Color: Red
Sale price$29.99


Product Description

- 100% brand new and high quality
 - New heavy duty design, ideal for enthusiast or professional use 
 - Quality design and fittings provide excellent durability for everyday usage  
 - Variable, adjustable spray nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation 
 - Quality design and fittings provide excellent durability for everyday usage  
 - Fully adjustable dilution with setting dial
 - 1 litre container bottle 


 Car, Motorcycle Washing, floors,Windows washing, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing and so on.
Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.It can be directly connected with the gun on the pressure washer gun.

 How to operate

 - Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap. This helps your solution mix together.
 - Adjust the spray nozzle first to find the stream of water that works for you. You can adjust it so

that it sprays in a decent fan pattern.

 - Adjust the knob on the top to control how much water is mixed in.
 - The minus (-) sign indicates less water (so more foam is produced), and the (+) indicates more water (so less foam is produced).
 - DO NOT max out the knob onto the (-) side otherwise you wont get much foam.  
 - You can turn it all the way to the (-) then dial it back a little, this produced a ton of foam.

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