Car Air Intake Turbonator Fuel Gas Saver Fan Single Turbo Charger Turbine Blue

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Product Description


- Easy To Use: The multi-purpose motorcycle & bike chain cleaning brush can be used for gears, chains, and other bike components
- Full Coverage: The motorcycle & bicycle chain cleaner tool uses 3-sided bristles allowing you to clean all 4 sides of your motorcycle and bike chain
- Provides protection and durable
Size: inner diameter 6.0cm, outer diameter 6.5cm, length 7.5cm

Installation: (Only for reference)

1.Loosen the clamps around the tube and remove air cleaner.
2.Put the intake fan into the air inlet hose.
3.If the intake fan is smaller than the air inlet hose, use the rubber holder attached to increase it's diameter so it can fit in the tube.
4.Reinstall the tube and tighten up the clamps

Package Included:

1 x Turbo Saver Fan
3 x Rubber covers

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