Cap Neoprene Hex Dumbbells 10lb 8lb 5lb 3lb 2lb Weights Fitness aerobics Dumbell

Color: Blue
Weight: 2lb
Sale price$30.99


Product Description

- Product weight conversion: 1KG = 2 lb, 1.5KG = 3 lb, 2.5KG = 5 lb, 4KG = 8 lb, 5KG = 10 lb. 
- VERSATILE :Dumbbells offer the ability to target specific muscle groups or get a full body workout,lat abs and sculpted arms with these versatile free weights. Perfect for overall health, balance, and weight management, they’re also great for aerobics, cardio, yoga, and strength-building
- FEATURES :Original Hex Shaped heads prevent rolling. The medium diameter handle provides essential grip and security during use. Neoprene coating is durable and protective
- FUNCTIONAL :Perfect for training individual muscle groups or major muscle groups, HIIT workouts and walking
- VIBRANT COLORS WITH A NEOPRENE FINISH: With bright colors and easy-to-read numbers, using training weights has never been easier or more fun. The durable neoprene coating provides a comfy grip and protection against calluses

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