Blue Air Pump Wedge Shim Bag Spreading Tool/automotive Jack/Align/Door Leveling

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Product Description

Material: Super Durable Fiber Reinforced


- The Air Pump Wedge is a Super Powerful Air Bag Tool That Can Be Squeezed Into Tight Spaces Or Shoved Underneath Something, And Then Inflated. This Allows You to Easily Level, Align, Separate, Spread Out, or Jack Up Many Different Types of Objects.
- You Can Also Use This Powerful Pump Wedge to Separate Objects That Are Stuck Tightly Together etc! inflatable air bag is a super useful tool, and it can be used for many types of projects, including professional contracting work and construction jobs etc!
- It is Fiber Reinforced, Which Makes it EXTREMELY Hard to Puncture or Tear etc!The air pump wedge can be used to level, align, or jack up many different types of objects, such as house windows, doors, wall frames, kitchen cabinets, appliances, refrigerators, and much, much more (and it wont leave any scuff marks!).

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