Black 3.0 inch Digital Car Auto GPS MPH/KM/h HUD Display Speedometer Universal

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- Safer driving-the visual time from the main direction is reduced by 99%, and slight eye movement can capture the speed information.
- Easier driving-reduce the frequency of line-of-sight adjustment, adjust the intensity of the eyeball direction, and reduce eye fatigue.
- Passengers feel more comfortable-the speed information is publicized, which improves driving safety and comfort; suitable for taxi and special cars.
- Clearer display-under strong sun light or at night, you can choose different installation positions and clearly display the speed value.
- Acquire speed data from satellite-accurate, timely, and authoritative.
- Simple installation-External 5V DC power supply, work normally even powered by external low-power mobile power banks.
- Overspeed alarm-can set different alarm speed values.
- Fatigue driving alarm-every 1 hour of continuous driving, it will alarm 1 time.
- Unit of Measure Switching-Quickly switch speed measurement units (KM/H and MPH) to meet the needs of different areas.
- Mileage and driving time-The car will automatically display the current mileage, the current driving time and the total mileage.
- Intelligent display brightness control-under strong sun light, the speed display brightness will automatically increase. Under low light, the speed display brightness will automatically reduce.

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