5M L-Shape Car Door Trunk Seal Strip Rubber Weather Strip Edge Accessories

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Product Description


EPDM has excellent heat resistance, thick, ozone resistance, strong tensile strength. Good elasticity, heat resistance and resistance to aging. Has a sealing, lower voices, the role of dust. Raw materials are using native rubber, non-toxic, harmless, no special Harmful odors. With double-sided adhesive closely integrated with the body.


Automotive sealing advantages:

-   The voice are steady and heavy when switch the car door, optimized closed the door collision, eliminate collide sound when closed the car door.

-   Inhibition of high-speed wind dry, reduce interior noise

-   Improve vehicle air-tightness and dust-proof capabilities.

-  The optimization engine compartment cooling airflow.

-  Improve the air conditioning cooling and heating power, in some extent reduce fuel consumption.

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