415pcs Trim Clip Car Push Retainer Panel Bumper Fastener fender Kit Remover Tool

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Product Description


Condition: Brand new and high quanlity!

Color: Black/White

Material:Plastic Clips, Plastic Box, Metal Tool

Quantity: 415 pcs /set
Box size: approx. 27.4x18.2x4.35cm

Perfect to replace your old or worn one.

These rivet fasteners are made of nylon material, suitable for car use.
Cars good accessory, commonly used for fitting side skirts, bumpers and other trim.


Package Includes:

415pcs Clips + 1 x Hard Plastic Carry Storage Case+1 x Free Fastener Remover
35 x Fender & Bumper Shield Retainer (A15)

15 x Fender & Bumper Shield Retainer (B87)

55 x Weatherstrip Retainer (F67)

40 x Weatherstrip Retainer (A56)

10 x Trim Panel Retainer (D169)

15 x Trim Panel Retainer (D161)

20 x Trim Panel Retainer (D12)

15 x Push Type Retainer (B35)

20 x Push Type Retainer (B138)

20 x Push Type Retainer (B105)

20 x Push Type Retainer (XB59)

10 x Grille To Metal Stamping Retainer (P22)

30 x Hood Insulation Retainer (A126)

30 x Screw Nylon Nut (KY1223)

30 x Fascia Retainer (C05)

20 x Retainer (A133)

25 x Retainer (F92)

5 x Bumper Retainer (B118)

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