1pcs LED License Plate Light Rear Bumper Lamp for Toyota Tacoma Tundra

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Product Description

— 100% brand new and high quality
— Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use
— Direct replacement, just need to remove the spare light, plug and play, fast start-up time.
— Each LED diode has a rated power of 3 watts and provides excellent light output. In combination, this pair of LED license plate lights can directly replace your vehicle's original incandescent license plate lights are very suitable for upgrade or repair / replacement. Direct replacement of your OEM license plate lights, the installation process is simple and straightforward. A pair of xenon white LED license plate lights meet DOT and SAE requirements and will provide your rear license plate lights Powerful spotlight for outstanding appearance and high visibility
Suitable for Toyota for Tacoma 2005-2015
Suitable for Toyota for Tundra 2000-2013
Installation :
Step 1-Find the original license plate shell you want to replace.
Step 2-Using a small screw rivet or plastic pry tool, insert it and apply pressure to the rear of the forward light, then eject the old light.
Step 3-After removing, remove the old light socket, remove it from the case, and then remove the bulb from the socket.
Step 4-Connect the plug with our LED light and then plug it into the socket of the vehicle wiring harness.
Step 5-Just rotate the socket clockwise into the LED license plate light and reinstall it on the bumper. Apply pressure until it is fully seated.

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