1pcs Coated Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells 10bl 15bl 20bl Fitness Plating Dumbell-Black

Weight: 10bl
Sale price$125.59


Product Description

— Package included:1 x dumbbell
—  Dumbbells offer the ability to target specific muscle groups or perform a full body workout.Dumbbell for resistance training—great for arms, chest, back, core, and legs
— Solid cast-iron core for reliable strength; will not bend or break after repeated useHexagon-shaped rubber-encased ends help prevent rolling and promote stay-in-place storage Contoured,textured, chrome handle for a comfortable, secure grip
— High Quality Design Weights stay tight and do not detach, rubber coating will not damage floor or other surfaces, Solid cast iron, chrome plated handle & rubber coated weights,Designed for use with curls, lifts, squats, press, and morepalm of hands - the textured handle grip provides a tight and secure grip
— RUBBER ENCASED COATING,The thick and durable rubber end coating increases durability, protects flooring, enhances appearance, is easy to clean and reduces noise

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