1 Set Car Tabs & T-Bar Puller Lifter Paintless Dent Pit Repair Tool Accessories

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—Practical: The principle is making glue tabs stick on the dent and use tools pulling the tabs and lift the dent.
—Application: Big dent needs slide hammer or puller; small dent needs mini glue tabs. Repair the dent avoiding damaging the original paint.
—How to Use: Use a slide hammer or dent lifter or any pulling tools lift the dent, try many times.Works great on smaller door dings & hail damage;Easy to controll,suitable for any person to operate,repair the dent for yourself directly
—Useful: The glue face was created for maximum adhesion to the automotive panel.Baking-varnish-free dent repair, will no damage the paint, fast, money-saving, and environmental Please pay

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