1×Mini Android 9.0 Projector DLP HDMI USB Wifi HD 4K Home Cinema Lumens HDMI

Plug: EU Plug
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Product Description

Mini Smart Android Projector HDMI USB SD Wifi HD 4K Home Cinema Entertainment

- INTELLIGENT TOUCH PANEL Accurate touch panel without a mouse,it supports both touch control and button operation.

- TURN HOME INTO A CINEMA - MULTIPLE SCREEN SIZES The projector uses DLP display technology.You can watch movies comfortably at home. It appUes to many types of houses. No matter how big the house is.how big is the cinema!

- KEYSTONE CORRECTION / HD-IN INTERFACE Vertical keystone correction 45°, you can watch movies more freeLy by adjusting screen picture. Synchronizing the picture of computer to the big screen,it is convenient for entertainment sharing and conference presentations.

- ENJOY SCREEN SHARING / EASY AND EFFIC正NT OFFICE In the absence of network, the projector can buiLd WiFi hotspots and enter the app''ESha

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