1×Black Mini DLP Android Projector HD 1080P Wifi Home Theater Cinema USB HDMI US

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Product Description

- P8I Mini DLP Projector is specially designed for business education & entertainment use.

- It offers a projection display size of up to 120" and brings you high definition photos and videos.

- Android 7.1 operation system and strong Wi-Fi design supports watching online videos & games.

- Mini and cute design support you to carry it everywhere you want. Fit an entire home entertainment system in your pocket.

- Truly wireless: Android 7.1 operating system, pocket size 2.4G/5G WiFi connected to the network. Support HDMI input to laptop, Game host, TV box, support external Bluetooth speaker.

- Can be operated by mouse and keyboard. Support iPhone and Android phone wireless with screen. Bring you 1080p HD video viewing experience.

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